How To Create an Inspirational Work Space

I consider myself a visual person; you might be too. Did you know that 90% of the information our brain processes are visual?

Colors are one of the initial connections between what we see and what we perceive. They are very important to me (though my predominantly black wardrobe might not support that statement very well. Hey, it looks slimming. You can’t blame me for it).  But I like my foods and drinks to be colorful. I like a splash of color over my living room and workspaces. When adding color to my wardrobe, I like it to be the extension of the feelings I’m going through. If you’re looking to add color to your wardrobe and are in need of new active leggings, these are currently my favorites from Amazon. 

I’ve also always immensely enjoyed decorating different spaces. I find that each empty space tells its own story. It starts by the way the light enters the room. When one wall receives all the light, it is great to decorate this with some kind of reflecting beads or crystals that not only give the space a different dimension but also depth. In times when space doesn’t receive much light, you can bring it in with silver or golden tones that are naturally reflective or decorate it with twinkle lights and optically make it look bigger by playing with mirror placements.

On a similar note, there has also been a whole new trend that emerged from an attempt to make our lives even more colorful – coloring. It is widely popular these days so why not draw your own pattern or find some on the web. It is a great idea knowing how to decorate the space without major renovation. To add, you can easily change the drawings when you wish to redecorate again. As it gains popularity, it can also serve as a gift idea. Likewise, it can be an extension of your feelings that may instantly calm you down.

Colors are intricately connected to our emotion and it is not necessary that your favorite color in the morning is the same as it is by night. But do let me know down below in comments what is your favorite color and why.

For example, did you know that your eye focuses green surface directly on your retina? Therefore it is believed to be a restful color. Also, if you’re trying to ditch your spectacles or contact lenses, you might want to try observing something green – a patch of forest, perhaps. Ideally, do this every day for about 20 minutes, without the aid of your vision correctors. It might be a long process to a spectacle-free life, but this is worth trying for its calming effects alone.

On the other hand, blue tones have the ability to decrease respiration and lower blood pressure. With such, they are suitable for spaces of relaxation. They were made perfect for bringing in color to bedrooms or lounges.

There are as many different ways of bringing color to space as there is us. The initial way of bringing color to space is by capturing light. I have previously mentioned lighting and playing with the reflection of it. Beads and sparkles that have the capacity to sway or spin around make any space instantly look more lively. And you’re just using the colors provided to you by the space around you.

Another great way is to bring in plants. There are plenty of artificial plant alternatives if you’re worried you won’t be able to take good care of them. If that is not an issue, you could possibly consider growing your own little herb garden. In turn, it smothers you with a fragrant scent.

There are many not so subtle ways of bringing the outside in. Natural elements like wooden ceilings or clay walls are just a couple of them. They, for example, also work as natural insulators if you live in a place like I do where the weather changes drastically depending on the season. Note that these are to consider when building and not when decorating. Don’t be shy to use them to your advantage when they are already there if you move into a new place.

More small changes which are not so subtle include curtains and rugs or even upholstering ceilings by adding canopies. You may dip them in some natural dye and in that way, easily bring some character to space.

I have a partner who thinks more flowers will clutter our already small space. But I know that bringing an instance from outside to your inside space will instantly expand it and no matter how big or small it might be. I feel inspired by nature and having a piece of it in my workspace reminds me to live more in tune with it and just breathe when sometimes things get hectic.

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